What Is The Earth Worth?

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Vsauce: “Who Owns the Moon?”:

Vsauce: “How many Photos Have Been Taken?”:

Earth, Texas:

Earth’s moons:

How Many Moons Does Earth Have?;orb=1

Solar System speed around Milky Way:

Greg Laughlin equation:

Too cheap to meter

Cosmic Commodities: How much is a new planet worth?

History Channel Special:
History Channel’s “What’s the Earth Worth?”

Human elements shirt:

Element values:

ShadyPotat0 calculation:


Great video showing 34 years of asteroid discovery:

433 Eros:

Kepler search for exoplanets:

planets in Milky Way:

scanning the Milky Way:

Nat Geo list of reasons Earth might be useful to other life forms:

Beautiful things animals make:

Animals and ownership:

Articles on Finders-Keepers, etc.

Monkey Seflies:

non-human animal created works on wikimedia:

Dog artist Tillamook Cheddar:

LEGO shell Hermit Crab:

Custom built see-through hermit crab shells:

sneeze movie by Edison:

Google Earth global timelapse:

Seflie from space:

space launch seen from plane:

selling the Brooklyn Bridge (without actually owning it):

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