An Eight-day Rain Event Hits Australia With a Possibility of Flooding in Two States

Forecasters warn that flooding is “probable” as strong winds and waves pound the shoreline as a multi-day rain storm is poised to slam Australia’s east coast.

According to Weatherzone, the precipitation event, which is being brought on by a deepening low-pressure system, might continue for up to eight days.

From Bateman’s Bay in southern New South Wales to Cooktown in far north Queensland, a 2800 km length of the nation is on alert.

Rainfall event in Australia


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In certain areas of this region, cumulative rainfall totals of 100 to 200 mm are predicted, with isolated rains exceeding 300 mm also being conceivable, according to the meteorological service, as per 9 News.

According to modeling, much to 100 ml might rain in 24 hours in certain coastal NSW locations.

The state already has three flood warnings in place, and Queensland is preparing for “unseasonable” rains.

As a low-pressure system moves closer to Australia’s east coast on Saturday, more rain will fall over portions of eastern NSW and QLD.

On Sunday, heavy rain is expected to persist throughout most of eastern Queensland and eastern and central NSW.

As a low-pressure system intensifies in the Tasman Sea, heavy rain is anticipated to fall across the southern or central coastal areas of New South Wales.

Heavy rain might be concentrated anywhere in NSW between the southern and northern beaches, and some showers may also spread west of the ranges.

Along the NSW coast and starting this weekend, the low-pressure system will also produce severe, perhaps destructive winds.

According to Weatherzone, these winds will produce large waves in the coastal area and may cause warnings to be issued on land and in the ocean.

Let’s take a look at what is going on in the nation right now.

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Icy blast in Queensland

The low-pressure system will also bring about strong, maybe damaging gusts over the coast of New South Wales beginning this weekend, as per Dailymail.

By Friday night, the rain will have mostly left Victoria and will be concentrating on the coastline of New South Wales.

On Saturday, heavy rain will concentrate in the Sydney area before moving north on Sunday and finally covering the coastline by the start of the next week.

According to Sky News, the record-breaking rainstorm in the Northern Territory began on Wednesday morning.

Many areas have typical rainfall totals of less than 1mm throughout this time.

Cairns and Bundaberg are among the locations along Queensland’s east coast where more than 100 millimeters of rain are predicted.

Along with the record-breaking rain event, residents of NSW, Victoria, ACT, and Tasmania should anticipate that the present morning chill will persist throughout the next week.

On Wednesday morning, a large portion of the four southern states saw “feels like” temperatures of -3C, with alpine regions in Victoria and NSW seeing “feels like” temperatures below -6C.

Fortunately, it is expected that the morning chill will dissipate by 10 a.m. every day in central and southern Australia, where the average “feels like” temperature ranges from 3 to 9 c.

The state of NSW is expected to have a reprieve from the morning chill on Tuesday, with “feels like” temperatures ranging from 3 to 12 C.

Two to five centimeters of snow is expected on Thursday to fall as low as 1000 meters in the alpine areas of Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales.

This weekend’s skiers may expect decent visibility on Friday, better visibility on Saturday, and great visibility on Sunday.

Perth is expected to remain sunny for the remainder of the week, with people experiencing highs of around 20C.

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