Watch BMW’s new ‘Mad Max’ electric Dune Taxi climb some of the tallest sand dunes known to man

You won’t want to miss this one. BMW Middle East released a video teasing a new electric dune taxi that looks as if it came straight out of Mad Max. The Dune Taxi electric prototype is shown racing across the streets and sand dunes in Abu Dhabi.

Is BMW gearing up for an off-road competition? The promotional video shows BMW’s electric Dune Taxi in action, conquering the Tal Moreeb dunes, considered some of the tallest dunes at over 300 meters.

Not your typical BMW luxury car, this electric beast of a machine sits on monster wheels with massive ground clearance. The EV Dune Taxi produces 400kW (about 536HP) and has 1,000Nm (737 lb-ft) of torque. It also features 400mm of suspension travel.

The front features BMW’s famous dual kidney grilles (though they look much smaller proportionally), slim LED lights, and an air scoop on the hood giving it that aggressive look.

According to the video, the body of the EV Dune Taxi will be made with natural fiber reinforced polymer, which uses plant fibers, making it more environmentally friendly.

BMW electric Dune Taxi Source BMW Middle East

Although the German automaker hasn’t released any further information on the electric Dune Taxi, we can only assume they are building it for a reason.

Will we see BMW’s electric Dune Taxi race?

In early September, Audi revealed its RS Q e-tron E2 – its second-generation electric rally car – after winning the Dakar Rally in its first generation model.

Audi says its upgraded rally race car will compete in October at the Rally of Morocco. Though it’s not likely BMW will enter a competition this soon, it does open the door to a future rivalry.

BMW electric Dune Taxi Source: BMW Middle East

Perhaps, more likely, BMW is gearing up to enter the Extreme E off-road championship for electric vehicles.

Either way, BMW’s video of its electric Dune Taxi is worth a watch. The video also shows a glimpse of the BMW iX M60 and closes with the Dune Taxi EV driving straight up the Tal Moreeb sand dunes, some of the tallest known to man.

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